About SMP


  • The metal coils formed by integrally molded method with the hollow core coil and metal powder are suitable for high current, low inductance. The power coil market of NOTE BOOK PC is converted from the ferrite coils to the metal coil very rapidly.
  • On the other hand, the tendency of the increase of CPU current also exists in the markets of NET BOOK PC and smart phone. In addition, the magnetic-core unsaturated power coils become the market demand during peak current.
  • Based on the background that the transaction demands of SMP0412/0512/0615 with 4/5/6mm corners and max height 1.2/1.5mm exist in 3C market, the mass productions were conducted in the factory of our company for the purpose of mass production of SMP0412/0512/0615.

《Market trends, demand》

  • NET BOOK PC and smart phone use on the CPU due to low power consumption, is the implementation of low voltage, high current, small and thin, inductance DC superimposition characteristics become excellent power coil demand.
  • Metal coils to have a high saturation magnetic flux density of metal dust, is suitable for the corresponding requirements of the market. Unlike the previous article in this magnetic coil on a reel CORE structure, characterized in that the air-core coil into a simple structure metal powder molding press.
  • Further, since the Curie temperature of the metal coil is up 550 ℃. The temperature variation of the DC superimposition characteristics of an inductor is extremely small during the temperature range from -60 ℃ to 150 ℃, it can prevent the malfunction due to of temperature rise which caused by the high-density parts mounting.

《Production Equipment Overview》

  1. Production process: iron pelletizing → winding → forming → Dispensing → terminal attachment→laser welding → Test for electrical-equipment characteristics →height check and mark seal → package strapping → shipment inspection → shipping.
  2. The equipments for production saving of manpower are fully designed, developed and manufactured by the Manufacturing Group of our company. The commercially available peripheral equipments adopted the Europe & Japanese production equipment with high precision.
  3. Reel machine with high precision servo motor control ensures hollow coil size and volume posture.
  4. Molding machine with high precision servo motor control molding methods, suitable for thin products (t = 2.0 ~ 1.0mm) molding and related R is small size.
  5. Terminals and wire end mining laser welding methods, weld point into a ball to ensure the wire with the terminal engagement without causing circuit phenomenon.

《Product characteristics》

  1. Raw materials (Fe-Si-Cr powder) of Japanese brands, with high properties and stability.
  2. Powder molding using special molding method for manufacturing a thin metal alloy power inductor and R settle its apparent size difference is small.
  3. Hollow coil wound with external (coaxial and around) mode, the article L value stability, and low and does not require identification of the force / output terminal.
  4. Adopt external weld splices way, it will not cause circuit phenomenon.
  5. Magnetically shielded construction and low DC resistance.
  6. Use a high saturation flux density of magnetic iron powder, can ensure a large current.
  7. Curie temperature is high and wide operating temperature range.
  8. With low chip noise

《Device capability Overview》

  1. Situation existing proofing device 1 LINE provide customers with sample demand at any time.


High Current 3A~20A
(Low inductance) 0.22uH~2.2uH
Small thin 6.0mm Square  5.0mm Square  →  4.0mm Square
SMP0615 SMP0512 SMP0410