Our Company

Company Overview

  • Founded: May 1979
  • Chairman: Long Yu Xian (Kun-huang)
  • Capital: NT $ 350 million
  • Number of employees:
  • Equipment Manufacturing Division: 25 people
  • Electronic Components Division: 30 people
  • Factory covers an area: 2215m2
  • Building area: 5000m2

Business Items:

  • Manufacture, processing, and trading business of mechanical parts, machinery molds, rotational molding machines, and powder molding machine.
  • Processing and Trading Business of Aerospace metal materials
  • Manufacture, processing, and trading business of engine rotating parts, construction heavy machinery parts, precision worm gear, and electrical parts.
  • Development and trading business of special car materials.
  • Trading business of precision machinery parts.
  • Manufacture, processing, and trading business of electronic components.
  • Trading business of raw electronic components (ferromagnetic pottery, iron core).
  • Import and export trading business of the above-mentioned sales of related products and raw materials.
  • Acting of the above-mentioned product distribution, bid, quoting, and other business for domestic and foreign manufacturers.