Usage and Safety Reminders

The storage period is less than 6 months. Be sure to follow the Storage conditions – Temperature: -5 to 40°C, Humidity: 20 to 70% RH or less).
Do not use or store in gas corrosion  locations  (salt, acid, alkali, etc.).
When use this products , please wear the anti-static wrist strap.
Do not expose the products to  magnetic fields.
When the power is turned ON, temperature increase will occur , so the tolerance should be sufficient for the thermal design.
When mounting this product , be sure that residual stress is not given to  the product due to the overall or partial distortion of
 the printed circuit board.
Before soldering, be sure to preheat the components. The preheating temperature should be set so that the
temperature difference between the solder temperature and components temperature does not exceed 150°C.
Soldering corrections after mounting should be within the range of the conditions determined in the specifications.
If overheated, a short circuit, performance degradation, or lifespan shortening may occur.
Do not use for a purpose outside of the contents regulated in the Specifications.
The products listed on this catalog are intended for use in general electronic equipment ( home appliances , amusement equipment,
telecommunications equipment , computer equipment , AV equipment , personal equipment , industrial robots , office equipment ,
measurement equipment )  under a normal operation and use condition.
The products are not designed or warranted to meet the requirements of the Specific use listed below  ( hereinafter referred as ”Specific use”)
whose performance and/or quality require a more stringent level of safety  or reliability or whose failure, malfunction or trouble
could cause  serious damage to society, person or property.
(1) Transportation equipment (cars, electric trains, ships, etc.) (8) Electric heating apparatus, burning equipment
(2) Transportation control equipment (9) Disaster prevention/crime prevention equipment
(3) Aerospace/Aviation equipment (10) Safety equipment
(4) Seabed equipment (11) Atomic energy-related equipment
(5) Public information-processing equipment (12) Power-generation control equipment
(6) Medical equipment (13) Other Specific use that are not considered
(7) Military equipment general-purpose use.
If you have special requirements exceeding the range or conditions set forth in the each catalog, please contact us.
This product itself does not have any protective function in abnormal condition such as overload,short circuit,open conditions and etc.
When designing your equipment even for general-purpose use, please take into consideration securing
protection circuit/device or providing backup circuits in your equipment.